Using this site

Viewing Photos

  1. Click on any photo and it will become larger. It will fill the screen on most any electronic device. I have tested this on various mobile devices and on my iPad and in the following browsers: IE9, Firefox, Chrome and Safari. If it does not work for you please let me know.  If the photo is larger than the screen you are viewing it on clicking it will make it smaller.
  2. I have optimized the site for mobile browsers, as of January 2013 the site uses a responsive design.
This site has top navigation but it is also a blog and each post has a side bar with additional options the front page . Most of the search options can be found on the bottom left.

Finding Photos

Options for finding photos are located on the bottom of the site or the right side bar when viewing a post or page. Making it easy to find photos in a huge challenge.  Here are some tips.  If you can not find a photo, please let me know. These searches will yield thumbnail photos but when you click on them they become larger.

  1. The search box: Type in some words and hit enter. 
  2. Search by category – Every photo is put into at least one category. I don’t have a ton of categories so this method will yield the most results. There is a number beside the category name that represents how many photos are in the category.
  3. Click on the tags in the tag cloud – These tags are the tags I use the most often, a tag is a single word and I try to be descriptive. Putting a tag name in the search box may word too. I try to be descriptive with the tags and most photos have multiple tags.  The search box can also be used to search by tag. 
  4. Search the Archives – The posts on this blog are listed by date.  It is possible to search one month at a time by selecting the archive.
If you can not find what you are looking for please ask.


There are several galleries of related photos.  They can be found through the top navigation.  To view them click on the first photo and keep clicking the next button in the lower right hand corner or just view the thumbnails or just click on the photos that you want to see up close and personal.  If I am doing work for you your photos will be in a gallery.

If there are any problems with the site or comments please contact me.  If you would like a photography blog of you own I can hook you up.