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not haunted

Armstrong Quinlan 2012

This lovely brick home was moved to Eagle street by the Xcel Center some years ago. Half of it was renovated and two condos were created. The other half has remained empty and waiting for renovation since the housing market crashed. It went into foreclosure and I suspect it will remain empty until such time that someone can buy it and not lose too much money fixing it up. It isn’t haunted and the part that was finished really is lovely. . . oh and yes I know I messed up the sky. I’ll fix it tomorrow. 🙂


Mirror mirror


Landmark center reflected

I took this one a couple of years ago. I guess I am posting it today because it reminds me of an old friend that I used to share photos with and have been thinking about. This is the landmark center reflected in the Travelers Insurance building in downtown St. Paul. The day I took this shot I managed to get a $110 dollar parking ticket. I should have taken a picture of that too.