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MOJO Monkey

The Donut line

MOJO Monkey

MOJO Monkey - Donut shop

I took this at 11:30 on a Saturday morning. There is a long line outside the MOJO Monkey in West 7th every weekend. The shop has only been around a few months. I don’t like lines so I was there when they opened up at 6:30 in the morning last Sunday. I was second in line. The donuts really are very good but it was too early to get an apple fritter. Service was slow. I am assuming they have more than one person behind the counter later in the day, if not I know why there is always a line.

Where is the fire?

Fire Station

New Fire Station

I am so excited about the new fire station. I love the way they designed the building to fit in with the older buildings around it. The bays for the firetrucks are set up so that they can drive in one door and out the other. They put a beautiful antique firetruck in the front window. The windows are dirty so I didn’t bother trying it get a good shot. I am not sure when the new station is going to be up and running. I must get photos!

It is located on the South corner of Randolph and West 7th and will replace the fire stations on Randolph and the station on West 7th.