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Wide Angle

wabasha street

wabasha and 7th place

I don’t really have a favorite camera lens or a go-to lens as they are sometimes called but I use my wide angle lens often  for landscapes and architecture shots. It isn’t an easy lens to use.  It needs to be held level, it is heavy and the photographs are not very sharp at lower shutter speeds. I have always has a love hate relationship with the dang thing.

As for the building in the picture it is an old one and houses Candy Land which has been there since the 1930’s.  There is an old theater in the building and I think there are still apartments above the stores.  The building is a favorite among the downtown pigeons too.

Bike Rack

A little rust

Bike Rack

Bike Rack

I used my trusty little panasonic point and shoot camera to take the picture and then I tweaked it a but on my iPad. It is about the rust that is what caught my eye when I drove by. I bought a new camera last week. I am pretty excited about it but between working with real estate clients and photography clients I have not gotten to play with it much.