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Union Depot – Afternoon

union depot

St. Paul Union Depot

I took a bunch of photographs of the inside of the newly renovated and recently re-opened historic St. Paul Union Depot.  I don’t like most of them.  This one is OK and it has given me some ideas for future photographs.  I love the wide open space. There are also some pretty interesting views from the open plaza outside the depot but they can wait for warmer weather.

From the Window

Union Depot and station

I took this from the window of CoCoMsp on 4th street in downtown St. Paul The light rail construction is fun to watch. In this photo I am looking down at the coppery roofs of the light rail station at the union depot. The building in the picture is the depot. It is hard to work at CoCo without looking out the window and watching the work. When this is all up and running it will be fun to photograph at night.