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Let there be light

Light house

Two harbors light house

This is the light house at Two harbors on Lake Superior.  I have taken many photographs of it over the years and each is from a unique perspective.  I never tire of photographing this area.  This shot captured birch trees with some fall color and some yellow tansy in bloom.   There hasn’t been a lot of rain in northern Minnesota this season so everything is dry.


Wind and water

Duluth Harbor - Lake Superior

We usually go up to lake Superior in mid to late September. it is still tourist season but there are fewer people and the days are shorter to it is easier to get those sunrise and sunset shots. I ended up getting wet taking this shot. I had tried to get it from a couple of other places but every time I composed a shot a small child in brightly colored clothing would pop up and end up in the shot. So I got close and I think the discoloration in the photo occurred when the spray hit the lens.

Rocky shores

I will get back to St. Paul but I need to linger awhile longer on the shores of Lake Superior I take a lot of photos when I am up there because I need them to get through the winter. I have one of those electronic picture frames on the wall by my desk and sometimes I turn it on and watch the lake. This photo was taken in Two Harbors MN near the light house.

Lake Superior at Two Harbors