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Sunset - Lake BemidjiÂ

This picture doesn’t really wow me but the days are so long this time of year and I live in the city so it is rare that I get some place at the right time to get a sunset. In another month or so it will be easier. My favorite kinds of sunsets to photograph are silhouettes. I would have liked this one better if the lake had been calmer. I did enjoy sitting at the end of a dock and watching it. I am looking forward to spending time on lake superior in September. I probably won’t be photographing sunsets but I always manage to get some sunrises complete with lighthouses and sometimes even a boat.

sunset on the Mississippi River

Paddle boats

I know what I was trying for when I took this picture and this isn’t it which is why I don’t like the picture but it is kind of interesting so I post it anyway and can always try again. The river is fun to photograph when it is quiet and the paddle boats are always fun to photograph. I am going to try and get some close up shots of them on the river this summer. They are also fun to take pictures from and I have not done that since 2009 I think. There are cruises every day check out Paddleford Riverboat Cruises

The Port of St. Paul

Port of St. paul

Port of St. paul

This is not the first picture I have taken of the boat landing and I am sure it won’t be the last. This year it was underwater until mid July which is unusual. The first bridge in the background is the Robert Street bridge which is on the national register and in between the arches you can see the Wabasha street bridge and if you look carefully in the arch on the far left frames the last stretch of the Smith Avenue bridge.



Sundown in St. Paul

I am rarely in a good place to photograph sunset. I live in the city and I can watch the sunset between the roofs and power lines. The days are shorter this time of year and the weather has been amazing and so I have been outside and on the bike trails in the evening. I took this from one of my favorite bike paths along the river.