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Jonathan Padleford

I have not had much time for photography as I have been working 12 to 16 hours a day seven days a week for the past couple of weeks.  I think I am getting rusty.   I took a bunch of blurry night shots last weekend.  I am going to spend some quality time this weekend with my camera practicing.

The boats are parked on Harriet Island. If you have not taken a padleford cruise in the Mississippi what are you waiting for?




December Sunset

Oak trees

winter sunset between the oak trees

I took this a couple of days after the first snow when it was nice and cold out.  I have no idea why I use the words nice and cold in the same sentence but I just did.  We did not get much snow last winter and what you see in the picture is the first snow of 2012 which left almost a foot of snow in these parts.  Winter sunsets are kind of fun.  They tend to be colorful and the color lasts for awhile. The sunlight is week.  In the summer I never would have gotten by with having the sun behind a try like I did in this shot.  The summer sun is too bright and would ruin the shot.  The trees are Oak trees.  I have always called them pin oak.  They have long branches and I have to say they are gorgeous but then I have hardly met a tree that I didn’t like.


Early sunset

Robert street bridge

Robert street bridge

The days are shorter now and when I go on my evening walk or bike ride I get to see the sunset and I have to be careful when I ride through the woods because the deer and wild turkey like to use the bike paths in the evening.  It really is a beautiful time of year.  This shot was taken near the Robert street bridge.