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I promise you a rose garden

Nice Ride at 7th and Wacouta street

Nice Ride at 7th and Wacouta street

I have been riding around on my bike and photographing the Nice Ride bike stations around St. Paul. They just arrived last week. It is fun to find the best angle and I like to have recognizable buildings in the background. Â This station was a no brainer because of of the roses. The photo doesn’t do it justice.

A hobby gone wild

Wild Rose

I have been taking pictures of native plants and wildflowers for years. One fourth of July weekend just for the heck of it I started a wildflower blog. I set it up so people can search by color so they can find photos of wildflowers and use them to help identify plants. I can’t post on it in the winter because there is nothing to shoot.

This year I am going to Southern Minnesota just to photograph wild flowers that are not found anywhere else in the state. My goal is to photograph all of the indigenous wildflower species in the state. I figure it will take at least five years. I am looking forward to the hunt. Those hours outside walking through fields and exploring the woods.

Last month several of my photos were used by a group in Ohio for a wildflower seed exchange and a master gardener from the twin cities plans to use some of the photos in a presentation to promote the idea of growing native species in gardens. I like having the photos used that way and it makes my wild hobby that much more rewarding.