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lens caps

A tale of two lens caps

lens caps

Bad Lens Cap - Good Lens cap

The lens cap on the left is a bad lens cap. It is the last one of that style that I have left because they tend to fall off the lens and get lost. The cap on the right is generic which means it doesn’t have any writing on it and it costs half as much. I have had the particular lens cap for over two years. 🙂 Good lens cap!


The Photographer


Man of action

I like to take pictures of people taking pictures. There is even a group on Flickr for people who share my affliction. Pictures of people are the best when they don’t pose. It is hard to sneak these shots. This is Dan and he never misses. You can tell by the look on his face and the length of his lens that he is serious about photography.

Winter Photography


I have always said that red mittens are the warmest. These have some red on them and black mittens are the second warmest so these are OK. The important thing is that I can get my fingers out so I can work the buttons on my camera. I have taken photos in temperatures as low as -20. Yes that is twenty degrees below zero. I don’t like being outside in that kind of weather but if I didn’t take photos in the brutal cold none of the photos I have taken in the last few days would exist.

The specifications for my camera indicate that it should be operated in an environment where the temperature is between 32 and 104 Fahrenheit. The only problems I have had shooting at lower temperatures is frozen hands and feet and a very short battery life on both camera and photographer. The trick is to use two batteries.

When I take one battery out I can warm it up by putting it in my pocket and it recharges and can be used again. In sub zero weather I get 15 to 20 shots from a battery. Under optimum operating conditions I can get as many as 500 shots on one battery. I try to keep the camera warm, and some of the shots I get I take from my car.

Interior, pass or fail?

Unit 204

Unit 204

I take most of my own photos for the homes I list. Probably not the best business practice but I love to do it. I think interior shots are the hardest and when I search for photographers that do that kind of work the list is much shorter than the list of wedding and portrait photographers. When I try to find someone locally who shoots interiors and uses HDR processing on them there isn’t anyone who does it professionally.

When I mention HDR they ask me to explain what it is.MThere is no doubt in my mind that HDR is the way to go for interior shots. Photos sell houses.NSeriously they do a better job than video, especially the video that the agents shoot themselves that looks and sounds like something from the Blair Witch Project.

About buying lenses . .

Inside the Bean

Inside the Bean

If you see this blog and my others on a regular basis you may have guessed that I have more than a passing interest in Photography. In fact this past week I have been on a short vacation up at the North Shore mostly so I could shoot stuff. I am actually in this photo, that I took in Chicago last June. I am toward the right, wearing jeans and maybe you can see the pink scarf, tan jacket and bag full of camera equipment.

It wasn’t my intent to write about photography on this blog but to use it as a place to put my photos, but I don’t have any place to write about photography. I just want to share a little story today and will keep it short.

A few weeks ago I was looking at camera lenses. I already knew what I wanted to buy but while I was at Best Buy on another mission I saw a lens that I did not know about. I wanted to learn more so I asked the person working in the camera department if I could put the lens on a camera and try it. I told her any Canon will do.

She did not know how to open the display case that the lens was in but we got over that hurtle. Then we discovered that all of the cameras on display had a lock on them so that the lenses could not be detached. We found a camera in the display case that did not have a lock on it. The Best Buy employee did not know how to put a lens on a camera but allowed me to demonstrate, which I did. I gave her some little tips too and she thanked me.

After I put the lens on the camera we discovered that the camera did not have a battery in it so after all that I never did get to try the lens. I buy some of my equipment from Amazon.com and some from a local camera stores. The Proex up in highland park or National Camera Exchange in Roseville. Best Buy is an OK place to buy filters, cases, tripods and related equipment but for lenses and cameras I think the camera stores or even Amazon.com are the better choices.

The downside of Amazon is there is no way to test the lens first, and I recently had a bad experience with one of their affiliates. Both of the camera stores I mentioned have very knowledgeable sales people and they will let you test a lens out and both will take it back if it doesn’t work out.

If you venture into best buy to buy a camera or a lens make sure you know exactly what you want before you go. Their selection is limited but they seem to have the latest Nikon’s and Canon’s in stock. For the point and shoot camera’s they have a huge selection and again if you know what you want it is a fast and easy place to buy.

Some of the sales staff seem to know a little about the point and shoot cameras and some do not. I generally do lot of research on the internet and read reviews before I buy anything expensive and to be honest it is all expensive. 🙂