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Real estate photography


Historic Condo

This pullman style condo is just adorable and somewhat challenging to photograph. I take care to show a little of what is outside because windows are important. I prefer to use natural light and maybe turn on some lights if needed. This photo is actually made up of three photos. I use an HDR technique that brings out the details. I don’t like black ceilings or pictures with converging verticals.

If you need a home or business photographed give me a call or send an email. My contact information is to the right.

At the Liffey

The Liffey

The Liffey is located on West 7th street right by the Xcel center. I have done some photography for them. The manager wanted some pictures with people in them. I used s slow shutter speed and no flash. This bar is very challenging to shoot because it is dark an there are lights of many colors. When I see interior shots taken by the pros they are always of white rooms or mostly white rooms. I understand why. Dark rooms are too hard to photograph. 🙂 If you go to the Liffey try the fish and chips. If you need a picture of a dark room with or without people give be a holler

Bride and Maids

Wedding Photography

Bride and Maids

Bride and Maids

I happen to be riding by on my bike. I took a shortcut through downtown so that I could get home before it started raining. I saw the wedding party as I passed through Mears Park and got this shot while I was moving.

Photography is a hobby and sometimes I make money from it. I do some commercial type photography and fine arts photography but no wedding photography. Often people assume that because I am interested in photography I am a wedding photographer. I am not a wedding photographer and I have no interest in it. There are reasons for this. For one thing I don’t like people and I like them even less when they pose for the camera with big cheesy grins on their faces. I love taking pictures of people, especially children but I don’t like taking them when they pose. This will probably be the only wedding photography you will see on my photo blog.