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Classic fair food

food vendor at the fair

state fair midway food vendor

The is the food I remember from my childhood. You might say it is standard fair fare.  The food vendors all have such colorful food stands. They just scream “look at me!”.

Today is the last day of the State Fair but it will be back next year.

Got pickles?

pickle booth

Pickles MN fair-style

Nothing like a fried pickle for breakfast at the Minnesota State Fair. I took this picture at around nine in the morning on opening day. The deep-fried olive stand is nearby and if that doesn’t appeal try the deep-fried candy bars.

Giant slide


Giant slide Minnesota State Fair – 50-year anniversary

This shot is only a cliché but only for Minnesota state fair attendees. If you look to the right the guy in the pink shirt is with one of the local news stations and he is also photographing the slide.

I have been down the slide a few times. It is actually a lot of fun especially considering how low tech it is.

The crowds


Opening day state fair crowds

I arrived at the fair early on opening day. It was kind of crowded but I could actually walk down the streets. By about noon it looked like it does in the picture.

Attendance on the first day was 133,326 which sets a record for the first day. it was an unusual opening day in that it was fairly cool out with light breezes when made the fair a lot more fun. Usually, it is hot and humid.

Creative activities at the fair

state fair

creative activities  building

yarn horse

Yarn horse on display outside of the creative activities building

I always visit the creative activities building at the Minnesota State Fair. The kids used to really hate it when they were little. There are quilts and cakes and bread and pickles and jam. There is tatting and knitting and crochet and sewing too.

Where else can you see a horse made of yarn?