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So little time so much beauty

MN state capitol

MN State capitol building

I don’t just photograph this beautiful building so that others can swipe the photo.  I do it because our state capitol building is gorgeous.  As soon as I have a little time and it isn’t raining and we have temperatures above zero and winds of less than 20 miles an hour I am going to spend a few hours photographing the state capitol building and the lovely flowers, sculptures and fountains on the grounds.  It will be a big job, but I can handle it.

The Stairway



I visit the state capital building at least once a year. It is a great place to take photos. Last year I didn’t bring my wide angle lens and tht was a big mistake. You just can’t beat a good wide angle lens for interior photography. This is the stairway that everyone shoots so I have to do it too. The picture doesn’t come close to capturing it’s beauty. Maybe next year I will get one that does.