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Art Deco

art deco light

Wreath around an art deco light

This picture was just a excuse to photograph some bricks and the light is nice too. This is on the front of Dunn Bro’s coffee on West 7th street.   This time of year I walk downtown which is even slower than biking downtown so I tend to notice every little thing.  I am not at all in the holiday spirit this year but will continue to photograph holiday type stuff because the colors are pretty compared with the brown snowless winter landscape.

Let there be light

Light house

Two harbors light house

This is the light house at Two harbors on Lake Superior.  I have taken many photographs of it over the years and each is from a unique perspective.  I never tire of photographing this area.  This shot captured birch trees with some fall color and some yellow tansy in bloom.   There hasn’t been a lot of rain in northern Minnesota this season so everything is dry.