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Warm places to work

CoCo St. Paul

CoCo – downtown St. paul

The sign on the wall says “luck it where preparation meets opportunity” words to live by for sure. CoCo is a “co-working collaborative” and today it is my warmest work option. 🙂 Located on 4th street in downtown St. Paul right across the street from the Union Depot.

On the inside

dining area


Much of my photography in the past several months has been photographing interiors. This one was taken at a condo on Ramsey street in St. Paul. It was somewhat challenging to photograph but not as challenging as the home I photographed last weekend where each room is yellow.



Uptown CoCo

Interior photography can be tricky.  I try to keep it looking real even if the floors are shiny and the light makes shadows on the ceiling.  This picture is made of three shots and processed using Photomatix and is of the uptown CoCo which is a fun place to photograph.

HDR for interiors


Uptown CoCo

Always experimenting with HDR.  (High Dynamic Range) This is an interior shot made of three photos.  I can shoe a lot more detail in these pictures than I could if I used standard processing methods. I can also go to far. Sometimes too much is too much.

If you are  regular reader of my other blog . . yes I know it is down.  They are working on it and I am sure it will be back soon.

At the Liffey

The Liffey

The Liffey is located on West 7th street right by the Xcel center. I have done some photography for them. The manager wanted some pictures with people in them. I used s slow shutter speed and no flash. This bar is very challenging to shoot because it is dark an there are lights of many colors. When I see interior shots taken by the pros they are always of white rooms or mostly white rooms. I understand why. Dark rooms are too hard to photograph. 🙂 If you go to the Liffey try the fish and chips. If you need a picture of a dark room with or without people give be a holler