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Photogenic houses

Victorian house


People like pictures of Victorian houses.  I can tell because me blog analytics show clicks and Victorian houses get clicks. This beautiful home is in Winona Minnesota.   I was there a couple of weeks ago and plan to go back so that I can photograph more historic homes.

Living room

A fine old home

Living room

Living Room

There is a reason why homes like these are not featured on the web sites of real estate photographers and it is because they are hard to photograph. This one was not too bad because most of the walls were white or light colored. This is a arts and crafts built in the 1920’s.

Happy Valentines Day

Valentines Day

A random shot taken from the street of a total strangers home. I know I am bad, but I liked the decorations on the front porch and what the photo says to me which is that there is no place like home . . even when it is snowing. Enjoy the day and I hope it involves chocolate or roses, or maybe even a card or email.