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The Christmas tree downtown

Christmas tree

I took several pictures of the Christmas tree in downtown St. Paul. I missed the tree lighting this year. Christmas was relocated this year. The tree is usually in Rice park but the park is undergoing a major renovation. 

This year’s tree is at Landmark Plaza on St. Peter street which is on the other side of Landmark Center. It wasn’t hard to find. 

It wasn’t until I had taken a bunch of pictures and was halfway home that I noticed my lens was set to manual focus. That would have worked out fine if I had manually focused. \

Tree lighting Rice Park

Rice Park Tree lighting

Rice Park Tree lighting

Usually Rice park lights get turned on after thanksgiving but not this year. They lit it all up last weekend and I missed it. I am just guessing that the tree lighting and fireworks looked just like they did when I took this photo in 2014. The photos I have taken in Rice Park over the years are my most stolen photographs.