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Real estate photography


Historic Condo

This pullman style condo is just adorable and somewhat challenging to photograph. I take care to show a little of what is outside because windows are important. I prefer to use natural light and maybe turn on some lights if needed. This photo is actually made up of three photos. I use an HDR technique that brings out the details. I don’t like black ceilings or pictures with converging verticals.

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Uptown CoCo

Interior photography can be tricky.  I try to keep it looking real even if the floors are shiny and the light makes shadows on the ceiling.  This picture is made of three shots and processed using Photomatix and is of the uptown CoCo which is a fun place to photograph.

HDR for interiors


Uptown CoCo

Always experimenting with HDR.  (High Dynamic Range) This is an interior shot made of three photos.  I can shoe a lot more detail in these pictures than I could if I used standard processing methods. I can also go to far. Sometimes too much is too much.

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