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My ship coming in


Lift bridge – Duluth Harbor

My bad old blog seems to be OK now but a family emergency has made it hard for me to post my pictures.   We went to Duluth last week.  Seems like a month ago now.  The bridge in the picture is a favorite of mine.  The duluth lift bridge and the streak on the right is a vista cruiser coming in off the lake and returning to the harbor.  If you have never seen lake Superior put it on your bucket list as one of the most gorgeous places that you just have to see.

A new day

Duluth harbor

Duluth Harbor at dawn

My site was hacked.  I have five other sites that I self host and this is the only one that ever gets hacked.  I have two hosting accounts.  I may move this to the other account where to date I have not had any problems.  I had to roll this think back a few weeks because I don’t have the expertise to find all of the virus and remove it.  I did try.  I have asked Google to scan it again and until they say it is alright I won’t be posting much if anything.

Wind and water

Duluth Harbor - Lake Superior

We usually go up to lake Superior in mid to late September. it is still tourist season but there are fewer people and the days are shorter to it is easier to get those sunrise and sunset shots. I ended up getting wet taking this shot. I had tried to get it from a couple of other places but every time I composed a shot a small child in brightly colored clothing would pop up and end up in the shot. So I got close and I think the discoloration in the photo occurred when the spray hit the lens.