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On the Bridge


fireworks - saint paul mn

I stood on a bridge for an hour in the heat while children in the crowd played with explosives. Out of the 100 or so pictures I took 3 of them turned out okish. Â The fireworks look the same every year so if I screw up I can always use pictures from a prior year. Â This year I have a better camera and was able to do something with it that I could not have done before. By the time I was done shooting I figured out how to get a good shot but i’ll forget all of this by the next year and will start all over again.

Have a Great 4th of July


Fireworks over the Misssippi River in St. Paul

I take pictures of fireworks every year but I may skip it this year. These are from the Taste of Minnesota on Harriet Island. Most years there have been fireworks several nights in a row and the rumor is that this year there will only be fireworks on the 4th. For tips on how to shoot fireworks . . and I think it is challenging here is an article on the DPS web site. The biggest challenge for me has been the bright spot lights on Harriet Island. Good luck! and be careful out there.