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fire fighers

Puting out fires

fire fighers

fire fighters

The Saint Paul fire department on the scene putting out a fire. The owner wasn’t home. At first I resisted the temptation to take pictures but the home would have burned no matter what I did. Watching the firefighters made me realize how important it is to live near a fire department and how hard they work. They are all ways there for us ready to risk their lives to save us and our homes.

Where is the fire?

Fire Station

New Fire Station

I am so excited about the new fire station. I love the way they designed the building to fit in with the older buildings around it. The bays for the firetrucks are set up so that they can drive in one door and out the other. They put a beautiful antique firetruck in the front window. The windows are dirty so I didn’t bother trying it get a good shot. I am not sure when the new station is going to be up and running. I must get photos!

It is located on the South corner of Randolph and West 7th and will replace the fire stations on Randolph and the station on West 7th.