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Mickey’s always fun to photograph

Mickey's diner

mickey’s diner

Mickeys Diner is iconic and most everyone with a camera has photographed it at one time or another.  I have many photographs of the place and people buy them. I took a picture with my phon and posted it and someone mentioned commented that she has a print. I wasn’ sure what to say.  🙂  This is my favorite angle and I have a print hanging in my dining room.  The dining car was made in New Jersey and is on the national register of historic places



I have taken many pictures of this over the years.  I believe I took this one two years ago.  It has been cols and framed more than most.  Micky’s diner is located on 7th street in downtown St. Paul and is on the register of historic places . . and it looks wonderful at night when it is all lit up and I shall take another night time photo soon.