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Men at work

4th street rail

I took my next series of shots so that I can do a light rail update for my real estate blog. The street improvements are done on both side and there are tracks running down the middle as there should be. You can see them working on the stations and the depot. In fact in downtown St. Paul the bright green vest seems to be the most popular kind of outerwear. You will need to click on this picture to make it large enough so that you can see the people in it.

Stations on E. 4th street

lrt construction

LRT Construction E. 4th street

I have been a bit busy lately and maybe a little preoccupied too. I continue to collect photos of light rail and light rail construction. Â I had planned on building a gallery out of the photos and I probably will. I may even build an entire site. This is a recent photo of 4th street E. in downtown St. Paul across the street from the union depot.