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Under Purple skies

St. Louis Church

LRT Construction on Cedar Street – St. Louis Church

I have been on the same street for the past couple of photos taking pictures of LRT construction.  I am not sure why the skies are purple in this photo but decided to let it be.  I have several pictures of St. Louis church with heavy equipment in front of it.  On Sundays church goers take a series of wooded walk ways across the construction and into the church.  I am sure they will be delighted when the equipment is gone, the skies are blue and there are sidewalks and streets in front of the church instead of dirt and equipment.

Cedar street


These are the LRT tracks on Cedar street and 10th in downtown St. Paul.  There has been a lot of progress in the area and I will be posting some more photos as soon as I have time to process them.  I plan to get out and get some pictures of light rail construction along University ave. before it snows.  The green line is supposed to open sometime in 2014 .  It will be fun to photograph the trains and maybe ride them too.

The old Police HQ


Police HQ

The pillars on the old cop shop on 10th street downtown are going to become part of the new Pennfield apartments.  I thought it would be fin to take a picture each month from the same angle.  Always a challenge because I have to stand in the street to get a good shot so if you see me please at least honk before you run me over.

LRT Progress


N. Robert street near 14th street

This is one of the photos I will be using for a LRT construction update on my other blog. This is Robert street and I can even see the Rossmor condo building straight ahead. This all looks so different to me with all the pretty new state office buildings and the rail station. I can’t wait to see the trains.