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Stone steeples


Assumption Church

I had the wrong lens on my camera and this was the best I could do to get the steeples and the leaves in the picture. By the time this picture is posted those leaves will be in the street. The church is on 7th street downtown and always fun to photograph because it is mostly made of stone. The inside is also very lovely.

They left the lights on for us


Cathedral of St. Paul

They left extra lights on for us one night last September and people lined up to shoot this find old church.  I rarely photograph the church from this angle . . .but everyone else does so I thought I would give it a try.  I have so many pictures of this place . . .but a few more won’t hurt.  Here is a picture I took of it that same night from what I think is the best side.

Church of the Assumption

church of the assumption

church of the assumption

Located on 7th street in St. Paul across the street from Mickey’s Diner. Both are local landmarks that I need to photograph at lease once a year because I do. There are several church steeples in the downtown area but these are the most impressive. I used a wide angle lens to take the photo and then cropped it.

Converging verticals

Cathedral in St. Paul

A friend asked what is meant by converging verticals. I post this picture as an example. If I drew a line from the steeples and kept going up eventually they would meet or converge. I think it is good enough to say the picture is crooked. This is what happens when a side angle lens is used and it isn’t kept level. Photographs can be straightened when they are processed but this one is two messed up to bother.