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Light matters


Cossetta’s on West 7th

I had been meaning to grab a few photographs of the newly renovated and greatly expanded Cossetta’s.    This was taken early in the morning when the clouds and the light were just right.  I have found that most any camera or technique will work when the lighting is perfect.

Church of the Assumption

church of the assumption

church of the assumption

Located on 7th street in St. Paul across the street from Mickey’s Diner. Both are local landmarks that I need to photograph at lease once a year because I do. There are several church steeples in the downtown area but these are the most impressive. I used a wide angle lens to take the photo and then cropped it.

Night time

Downtown St. Paul

When I wanted to learn how to take photos at night I went down to Harriet Island and tool pictures of downtown. I like to take this shot once a year. It is better when all the lights are on downtown but I can only do that in the winter when the river isn’t nearly as pretty. I have to have the red one in the picture and it blinks on and off so I have to wait for it. 🙂 Have a happy Saint Patricks day.