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Blue Tree

Blue tree

Blue tree on St. Peter Street

People see me taking pictures at night and they try to stay out of the way but if they are moving they may not show up in the picture at all or will become black ghosts like some of the people in this shot.  If it were warmer here during the holiday season I could see myself spending a lot of time photographing people on the streets.

Mississippi River Blvd

Mississippi River

View of the Mississippi River


This is the view from the park land along the trail along Mississippi River blvd which is part of the MRT (Mississippi Regional Trail) that follows the Mississippi River from lake Itasca to the Gulf of Mexico. You can see downtown Minneapolis in the distance.

Just water

The Mississippi River at River Falls MN

The Mississippi river at River Falls Minnesota. The Mississippi has so many different looks. Â In some places it looks like a lake and in other places a small stream. Sometimes it is smooth and sometimes rough. It can be clear or muddy and in the Twin Cities it can have shoes, tires or lawn furniture in it.

Iconic Minnesota Statues

Paul Bunyon

Paul Bunyon and Babe the blue ox

People come to visit these statues and they have their pictures taken in front of them. I am not most people. Until I saw the statues in person I never knew they are in a parking lot and that lake Benidji is behind them. Unless you like to go fishing or have a boat there really isn’t anything to do in Bemidji except get your picture taken in front of this statue. The Paul Buynon trail is nice though.

Fender clouds

Classic Ford

Classic Ford

Parked on 4th street in front of the Saint Paul Public Library. One of the many classic cars displayed in Rice Park last week as a kick off to the MSRA back to the 50’s weekend . . which is about classic cars. Photography is mostly about light and photographing shinny cars on the mid day sun isn’t all that easy to do. Â I managed to get clouds in the fenders on this one. I had so much fun photographing these cars.

The boy with the umbrella

little boy

Little boy

You can meet some interesting people at a rock concert. This little guy was far more interested in the blue umbrella than in the performance. I loved the performances but my camera kept finding concert goers. I got to be up front and in the pit when some of the performers were on stage and I found the photographers to be at least as interesting as the musicians.  It isn’t as easy as one might think to photograph a rock start from below the stage.