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Great Blue Heron


great blue heron

I found the heron in pickerel lake.  The road was closed due to high water or there would have been too many cars and bikes coming by and scaring the birds away. If you look closely it looks like there are some turtles sitting on the log with the heron. 

For the birds

Bird house

Bird house

Every year I put a bird house on the front porch and every year I complain because the birds wake me up  so early.  This year I put it on the back porch.  The birds are right outside my office. It is kind of a distraction but I don’t mind.


robin's nest


There is a robins nest right outside my front door and a finches nest in the bird house hanging on the back porch.  I used to hang the bird house on the front porch and then complain about the birds waking me up at 4:00.  It took me a few years to figure out what I was doing wrong.