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A wide angle lens at a bike race

Bike race

Nature Valley Grand Prix

I headed downtown Wednesday night to take some pictures. I had a small camera bag on the back of my bike with nothing in it except a camera with a wide angle lens. If I had known about the bike race I would have used my zoom lens, even the kit lens would have been a better choice. I made the most of it and decided to take pictures that could only be taken with a wide angle lens. It is a challenge to photograph bikes speeding by in the darker light between the buildings. I was able to move around and get some interesting angles. I actually had a lot of fun with it.

Nice Ride at the Landmark Center

Nice Ride Bikes

Nice ride on the Landmark center plaza

In the last week I have taken pictures of all of the Nice ride stations around downtown. It was fun. This one is into the light which is a “no no” so that makes it a “yes yes” for me. These bikes are getting used. A downtown worker could use one of these to get to Harriet Island or to Burger Moes at lunch time.

Biking for photography

Green garbage can bike

It is photography that got me all interested in biking again and all the construction downtown added an extra incentive. Two years ago I bought a bike in a pawn shop and this spring I upgraded to a bike that someone threw out. I love this bike. Â it is a bridgestone Xo-2, with a smaller frame and it is as light as a feather. Of course there is no such thing as a free bike. I replaced the seat and the toe clips and added a water bottle carrier and the rear carrier from my old bike. Over the weekend I added a pannier so I can carry more. .

Bikes are great for photography. I can get into all sorts of places more easily by bike than by car and biking is much faster than walking. Â my camera bag fits nicely on the back without the pannier and I use bungee cords to attach my tripod. The bike also comes in handy when I need a little something in the foreground of a picture like this one of 4th street just outside of CoCoMsp.

Bike Path

Pike Path

The twin Cities are the best in the country for biking. There are off road trails and bike lanes throughout the cities. This trail is near the Mississippi River East of downtown. In general the trails are well maintained. They come through and cut the weeds along the edges.