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Cannon Valley Bike Trail

Cannon Valley Bike Trail

I have been wanting to check out the Cannon Valley bike trail so on Sunday that is what I did. I took the trail from Cannon Falls to Redwing. The twenty mile trek  is an easy one because the trail is fairly flat and paved all the way. Much of the trail is along the Cannon river. Some of it is in the woods and some goes through farm land. There is a nice rest area along the trail in Welch Village which is in the picture on the bottom left and where I got my wheel pass. The photos were all taken with my phone and processed using a variety of apps.

A wide angle lens at a bike race

Bike race

Nature Valley Grand Prix

I headed downtown Wednesday night to take some pictures. I had a small camera bag on the back of my bike with nothing in it except a camera with a wide angle lens. If I had known about the bike race I would have used my zoom lens, even the kit lens would have been a better choice. I made the most of it and decided to take pictures that could only be taken with a wide angle lens. It is a challenge to photograph bikes speeding by in the darker light between the buildings. I was able to move around and get some interesting angles. I actually had a lot of fun with it.