Honey bees on aster

white aster

Honey bee on aster

honey bee and aster

Honey bee on aster

I let the wild frost aster grow in my yard because the bees like it. It is a native plant and considered a weed but I have always thought that it is pretty and it grows without any help from me and is a valuable plant for bees and butterflies.

Usually, I use a zoom lens for bee photography because that way I don’t have to get too close. I actually took these with a macro lens which was a challenge because I had to get closer and they never stopped moving.

The lift bridge

Duluth lift bridge

In an effort to continue my mission to take pictures that are no cliches I photographed the lift bridge from the harbor instead of from the peer during the blue hour instead of at sunrise or in the dark. It has probably been done before but I haven’t seen it. 🙂