Minnesota Wildflowers

This page started out as a blog but I have too many blogs and decided to make it a page on St. Paul Photos.  I wanted to help people identify local wild flowers and am including some links to other better resources.

Most of the photos were taken in public parks in St. Paul Minnesota.   Most of our parks have areas for native plants.   Battle Creek regional park is the best place in the city to find wild flowers in the woods.  I like to go hunting there in the spring and fall to add to my collection.

These web sites have the best resources for identifying Minnesota wildflowers:

Minnesota Wildflowers – this site has a lot of photos.   You can find plants by season and by color and there is information about where they are blooming.   There are field updates each week and I have used them to find out what is blooming.  This is an excellent resource.

The Minnesota department of Natural Resources – the site is not all that easy to navigate and the photos are small but it has the most common local plants and I know the information is correct and the flowers are organized by color.

Flickr photos and the North American Wildflower Guide on Flickr can be useful for identifying flowers and people are helpful. There are plenty of photographs of flowers everywhere on the site but they often have names like “yellow flower” and that doesn’t really help.

The best was to view these is to click on the image to make it larger.

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