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Great Places to Shoot

I find it frustrating that some photographers won’t say where they got the shot. I am happy to share that information. If you like the angle I will even tell you where I stood to take the photo and anything else you would like to know, just ask.To see larger photos on this page just click on the photo.

water lilly

Como Park – In the winter their are flowers blooming inside. In the summer there are flowers inside and out including Lillie pads. There is a zoo, rides, a carousel, golf course and lake. A great place to shoot fall colors when the leaves change. There is a group on Flickr. Tripods are not allowed but they do have periodic artists events and allow tripods for those.  This is a popular spot for school field trips in May. I prefer to go when it is a little less crowded.

Like Rust? Try Hot Sam’s antiques – There is so much to shoot. Last time I went it was about rust.

St. Paul

St. Paul

There are so many places along the Mississippi River to take photos.  This one was taken from Harriet Island regional park,

The park is located on the south side of the river which makes for some nice shots of downtown St. Paul.  The Minnesota show boat is always parked down there as is the Covington inn, a boat that has been converted into a B&B.

The North side of the river is also a great place to shoot. There are miles of walking and biking paths.  It is a great place to take photos of people, water, boats and wildflowers.  There are also bridges that go across the river. It is fun to photo graph the bridges and also fun to take shots of the river or downtown from the bridges. On a summer evening it isn’t unusual to see more that one person on a bridge with a camera and tripod.

Blair Arcade

If it is architecture you like to shoot you can’t beat Selby Avenue between John Ireland blvd and up to about Lexington avenue. There are restaurants, old brick buildings, the cathedral and the Blair Arcade building.

Mickey’s Diner

One of my favorite local landmarks, located on 7th street in downtown St. Paul is Mickey’s diner, across the street is the old and very photogenic assumption church and around the corner is my very favorite architectural target, the landmark center.  There is also our historic and beautiful library, the Ordway and across the street from the library is the Science Museum of Minnesota where you can stand on an overlook and see the river valley.   There is much more to shoot in the area but trust me you will want to start at Mickey’s diner and make a day or a night of it.



The Minnesota State Fair only comes once a year and runs from late August until the day after Labor day.  There are so many photo opportunities at the fair I don’t know where to start. I like to photograph the rides and the Midway area and recommend being there is the evening or at night.

We have some mighty find parks in St. Paul and I have dedicated some galleries to them. Many have water features and public art and most have loads of photo opportunities.

Sunrise from the Smith Avenue HighBridge – this shot looks amazing at night and nice during the day too.

sunrise on thanksgiving

sunrise – Mississippi River

The Alexander Ramsey house if a fun place to photograph.  Located on Exchange street just west of downtown St. Paul.
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Harriet Island Regional Park – a great place to photograph river boats, trees, flowers, events, bridges and downtown.  It never gets old, day or night any time of the year.

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3 thoughts on “Great Places to Shoot

  1. Angie

    I love taking photos at fairs too. I like taking candid shots which show people’s true emotions. I find tons of photo opportunities for this type of shot at fairs.

  2. Trish

    I’m fairly new to the city and brand new to photography so this list is SO helpful. I can’t wait to get out there and capture some of the city for myself 🙂


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