HDR for Real Estate

HDR processing adds a whole new dimension to real estate photos interior and exterior photography and architectural photography in general.  The technique brings out the details and makes it possible to show the view out a window. HDR photographs can be realistic and three dimensional or they can be artistic and look surreal  They are a great way to market real estate because they really stand out.

Photography is often over looked as a vital part of the home selling or apartment rental process.  It is easy to stand out on the internet with excellent photography because  most real estate agents will not hire a professional photographer. They do it themselves and most do not have the equipment or skills needed to produce commercial  quality photos.  If you are serious about selling a home then it is time to get serious about real estate photography.  Do you need pictures?

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If you would need interior and exterior photographs of a home or business please use my order form.

Photography for business web sites

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Some businesses will spend a small fortune . .far more than they have to on a web site and nothing on photography. The web developer will grab a few snap shots with his or her phone and post them on the web site. It is the photographs that will attract customers or scare them away.  People will look at your business online especially if it is a bar or restaurant if the photographs need to be appetizing and attractive.   Photography sells every thing from Hamburgers and beer to shoes and cars. Some of my work has been featured in magazines which is wonderful free publicity for the businesses I work with.

Burger Moe's Patio

Burger Moe’s Patio

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