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Looking for unique local art for wall or website? Business or personal? Maybe you would like me to photograph your home or buisness?

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Looking for a picture of a local park or landmark? Try the search box to the right or click on one of the tags below the search box . . or call or write.  I have thousands of photographs and might even have what you are looking for.

Barns and shacks

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Real Estate Photography -HDR processing adds a whole new dimension to real estate photos interior and exterior photography and architectural photography in general. The technique brings out the details and makes it possible to show the view out a window. Photography is often over looked as a vital part of the home selling process.  All too often the interior photographs are taken by a real estate agent who does not have the right kind of equipment or training to take commercial quality photographs. Some of the photographs I have used to market my own listings have been published in magazines.

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Local Business

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Also see the city park gallery featuring St. Paul Minnesota parks

7 thoughts on “Gallery

  1. Isaac Showell

    I love your photos. You have a marvelous eye. I started taking pics many moons ago with a Nikon F2 Photomic. I had loads of fun pushing Tri-X to 1600 and developing with diafine to bring fast action, low light images to light. It was a sad day when Kodak discontinued kodachrome 25. The sumptuous colors and saturation possible with that medium were unparalleled. But time and technology move on. Now i make snaps with a Coolpix 12.1 megapixel optical zoom and contemplate moving up to something more advanced. Thanks for elevating the quality of MLS photography.

    1. Teresa Boardman Post author

      I have an old 35m SLR camera. ancient. I bought film for it but have not has the courage to try it. with the digital we have some latitude if we mess up.

  2. Angie

    Your talent for creative and amazing photo compositions is amazing. I don’t know which of these is my most favorite. Great job, especially, in capturing the movement of the water from the fountain.

  3. Rachel

    The way you maximize the available lighting in your photos make a huge difference. I’m a newbie in photography, what with merely 2 years of experience in the field, so I’m always eager to see various styles and techniques. I must say, I’m a fan, Teresa!


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