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rethinking water

Battle Creek

Water is fun to photograph. This year I am looking for new angles and new ideas. I recently saw a picture I really liked. It looked like it was taken on Lake Superior. There was water and there were rocks. . . nothing like the picture I have displayed here because this is my picture. 🙂

I am looking forward to making some more unique pictures this spring.

St. Paul now has a beach

Mississippi River

The Mississippi River at Chestnut Landing now has a beach. The river used to go up to the rocks but it went down after the last flood and enough silt was left behind to create a beach. The object on the beech is part of a rubber mask. People throw the strangest things in the river. Please don’t throw stuff in the river!

The water is on


Water fountain – Chestnut Plaza

Many St. Paul City parks include water features. Even the parks on the river or on the lakes. The water in the park along the Mississippi River has been turned off for most of the season. Probably because of flooding. It is nice to see it on again.