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Homeless no more



There are camps through out the city. I see them along the bike paths and hidden in wooded areas along the river. When the water is low there are tents pitched on cement walk ways. I see them on steep hills and I see the items left behind when they break camp. Even if the campers wanted to tidy up there usually isn’t aren’t any trash cans near the camps. 

This doesn’t seem OK to me. Everyone should have a place to call home that isn’t made of cloth and that doesn’t have plumbing or electricity. 

Taxes are due today

Tax day Protests 4/15/2017

Tax day protests 4/15/2017

How are your tax dollars being spent?

The whole point behind looking at a presidents tax returns isn’t to see if he is rich or if he pays taxes. We know the president is a wealthy man. It is about knowing where his money comes from. What is he trying to hide? Why did he promise to show us his returns if he was elected and then break his promise? 

It would be so very easy to just show us the returns but he doesn’t because he is hiding something HUUUUUGE in those tax returns and Congress is helping him.