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Yellow rumped warbler


Yellow-rumped Warbler

I always said that someday I would take the time to learn more about birds and photograph them. Mother’s day was someday. I headed out on my bike and headed for the woods. I was lucky because a road was closed so it was only bikers and hikers scaring the birds away. 

I truly enjoyed looking for the birds and trying to photograph them as they hopped around. It was a lovely way to spend a May afternoon. 

Looking at Fall on the Northshore

fall landscape

wolf ridge nature center

I took this picture a year ago on a beautiful fall day. The brown object in the left corner is a hat on someone’s head. At least it isn’t blaze orange. The water on the horizon is lake Superior. There isn’t much time left this year for fall photography in Minnesota but we will have lots of sun and warmer weather in the metro area and the leaves are almost at peak.