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Old faithful

Christmas cactus

My Christmas cactus blooms ever November and then again in March. The plant in the picture is actually a piece from a the much larger plant that is just starting to bloom. 

It is an annual thing



it is a little early for crocus but with the warm weather I am watching for them. Crocuses are an annual thing and so is downtime in March on this site.  Last week I got a security warning and the hosting service tried to sell me a $199 scan or $80 malware protection.

I deleted the suspicious files, and updated or deleted a lot of other things. The site still ran super slow and there were all sorts of excuses reasons. I decided to just wait a week or so and now everything is fine and I’ll begin posting again on a regular basis. . . like 5 or 6 times a week until next March. 🙂