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Restored to the original colors

Historic building – West 7th Rocha building

For a time there was a sign in the window that said “The Irish are coming” and the grey trim was painted red.  The suite was vacant for some time before the Parlour moved in and restored the trim to its original color. Thanks.  The red was pretty but it felt like vandalism. 

Skyway art


skyway over Robert street at 4th

I tend to walk outside in the winter because it is too warm in the skyways when I am wearing goose down and Thinsulate. Now that it is warmer out I have been walking through them because it is cooler and finding all sorts of artwork. 

Soft limestone

stone wall


Limestone was used for building in the early days of St. Paul. It is plentiful on the river bluffs. This is part of the wall near the top of the Ramsey Hill.  If you look along the sidewalk there are pieces of the wall here and there.