Suitable for framing

St. Paul Sky line

St. Paul Sky line

Probably not suitable for framing but it I get a little free time this weekend I know where and what I am going to photograph. 🙂 This is downtown St. Paul taken from a river bluff but if you look to the right in the picture those blue rectangles are building in downtown Minneapolis. The cities are not really twins but they are close together.



3 thoughts on “Suitable for framing

  1. ronald jacoboski

    a native of st.paul anew remambance of the views i had seen
    thank you there GGGGGGGGreat!

  2. Sarah @ St. Paul Haus

    I just took some photos of DT from the balcony at the new Great Hall at Metro State last weekend but I wasn’t pleased with how they turned out with all the fog. It is a nice place to get a few shots in if you ever get the chance.


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