I took this photo at the occupyMN protest on the people’s plaza, which was the Hennepin county government plaza until it was taken over by protesters ten days ago. They are the 99%. I am the 99% too. The protest started on Wall Street in New York and is spreading around the country. Some of what they call corporate greed I call capitalism. Yet there is corp0rate corruption and it gets spread to congress through the dollars that they use to buy the votes.

I support the protest because it represents freedom of speech and while our leaders are pointing fingers these people are on both feet walking with signs. They are doing something. We have been at war for a decade and in an economic depression since 2007. I have watched people lose jobs and homes and health insurance after spending their life savings and exhausting their retirement accounts. It seems like something is wrong with our economy.

Companies do not want to hire people who do not have jobs. People without health insurance can not get health insurance unless they can get a job because people with job. Companies don’t want to hire people who are over 45 or those who are just starting out either. Â Those who have jobs think that they have them because they work hard and because they are some how better than those who do not have jobs.

The Democrats blame the Republicans, who blame the democrats. I see propaganda on both sides and people who are like sheep. Â They believe in the party line because it is the party line and they won’t even listen to another opinion and they can not think for themselves they read their opinions.

I could write about the vacant homes in the neighborhood and the foreclosures and more. It isn’t at all hard for me to identify with the 99% and I will be stopping by the people’s plaza when I can. I I know that I am lucky because for now I have a roof over my head and some work. I feel especially fortunate that my children have reached adulthood.


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