Last Fall

skyline in st. paul

From the southern bluff

I found this in a collection photos I took last year. I never processed it . . well at least not until yesterday. I was trying to show a new building to the right in the picture at the base of the Wabasha street bridge and that was my reason for taking the picture which was taken in mid October.

Auto Awesome

St. kates

Chapel – St. Kates

I took this with my phone (Galaxy S4) and it was automatically uploaded to my Google account. Google randomly adds effects to photos and calls the process “auto awesome”  The shot lost a lot of detail but does look rather artistic. The fall colors and the historic church really help too. :)

A river runs through


Mississippi River

People ask for all sorts of pictures and if I have them I am usually happy to share. I was recently asked for fall photographs in St. Paul. In some cases like in this one I had to be fairly creative so that a person can tell this was taken in the fall.

The leaves change slowly and I can’t just point my camera any old way to get a fall like picture. Fall sunsets are particularly challenging because in low light situations the colors don’t look nearly as vibrant.

I have to say I enjoy photographing St. Paul any time of year and rarely run out of shots and if I do I can always go to Minneapolis and take pictures. :)