Stone steeples


Assumption Church

I had the wrong lens on my camera and this was the best I could do to get the steeples and the leaves in the picture. By the time this picture is posted those leaves will be in the street. The church is on 7th street downtown and always fun to photograph because it is mostly made of stone. The inside is also very lovely.

Minneapolis mountains


Buildings – Minneapolis

Minneapolis is flat. In fact I think that is why biking is so popular. St. Paul is hilly an biking is more work but St. Paulites are tough. The buildings in the background kind of look like a mountain. A man made mountain.

Historic Minneapolis

Minneapolis City Hall

Minneapolis City Hall

The beautiful¬†Minneapolis City Hall and Hennepin County Courthouse was designed by Long and Kees in 1888, is the main building used by the city ¬†of Minneapolis, as well as by Hennepin County, Minnesota. The building is fun to photograph and maybe one day I’ll spend the whole day doing just that.