The Christmas tree downtown

Christmas tree

I took several pictures of the Christmas tree in downtown St. Paul. I missed the tree lighting this year. Christmas was relocated this year. The tree is usually in Rice park but the park is undergoing a major renovation. 

This year’s tree is at Landmark Plaza on St. Peter street which is on the other side of Landmark Center. It wasn’t hard to find. 

It wasn’t until I had taken a bunch of pictures and was halfway home that I noticed my lens was set to manual focus. That would have worked out fine if I had manually focused. \

The holidays already?


The wreath was on a train in Chatanooga. I was there for a workshop and it rained every day except while I was in the workshop. I got a few pictures here and there of some old trains and buildings. 

The day I arrived they were decorating for the holidays at the Chatanooga Cho Cho. The train depot wasn’t all that different the Union Depot in St. Paul. It was smaller.